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What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

10 Real Houses Where Your Favorite Scary Movie May Have Occurred

Do you like scary movies?

Do you like scary movies?
Do you like scary movies?

Halloween season is in full force and it brings out the Psycho in all of us, doesn’t it? Horror movies instill us with an overwhelming fear that is almost unbearable. Whether people are performing an exorcism, or running away from Michael Myers, one thing thatalmost every scary movie has in common is a haunted house. Here’s where your favorite scary movies could have occurred


1. Located on the same street as the famous, haunted Amityville house, this home looks like it jumped right off the movie screen.

2. Would you stay in a hotel that looked like this at night? It doesn’t matter if Norman Bates has a believable face; we know what happens in these places. 

3. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Don’t fall asleep in a house like this without expecting to find Freddy Krueger knocking at your door.

4. Would you enter Room 237? This home bears a resemblance to the hotel where someone axed through the bathroom door.

5. It’s Halloween, of course, so you’re entitled to a good scare. Hopefully Michael Myers stays away from this Chicago home.

6. Take a trip and visit Ichabod Crane in the infamous town of Sleepy Hollow.

7. Can you say paranormal? No one wants that kind of activity in their home.

8. Would you feel protected from Damian in this house?

9. What an excellent house for an exorcism. This Boston house would make Linda Blair feel right at home.

10. Always have Caller ID. A stranger may call this Seattle, WA home.

Stay safe and sound inside your non-haunted house! The only visitors you’ll be getting are friends, family, and neighborhood kids looking for candy.

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